Hello everyone! As we enter into 2021, we’re working harder than ever to continue providing our clients a truly Above the Line job each and every clean.

We fight hard to make your safety a priority.

New Programs
We’re in the process of rolling out new surveys with each of our cleans that allow us to not only gather valuable feedback from our valued clients, but also provide incentive and rewards for our current staff! We’ve been enjoying gathering new prize packages our technicians can work towards with the point rewards they gain from their five star surveys. Some of these include dream vacations, personalized loot, or payments towards their bills! It’s been an overall well received incentive program and our technicians have already begun earning points and discussing how they’re planning on spending them.

New Faces
Our team looks quite different since the last time we’ve been able to take group pictures! We’ve enjoyed the success we’ve been having in onboarding new technicians and filling up their time slots to match them with their ideal clients and making them have a steady reliable schedule. Since our last staff pictures, we’ve added Amanda, Brennan, and Kassidy to our team! We enjoyed having them in on the experience this time and it made for a fun time with lots of laughs.

Amanda, Brennan, and Kassidy

New Opportunities
Even with our amazing team, we are looking for several awesome people to join our team. Many of our jobs are in Walla Walla but we also service the surrounding areas and are looking to expand our jobs in the Tri Cities. Must be a self starter, highly motivated and ready to be part of an amazing team! The work is hard, but our entire team is a tribe atmosphere that breeds and promotes support and willingness to work around your work, childcare, or school schedule. Send us your resume: michelle@abovethelinecleaning.com!


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