My name is Alison Mckinney.  I am a single mother of three, a 20+ year veteran of the law enforcement community, and the owner of Above the Line Cleaning.

I founded Above the Line in 2016, out of a need to better support my family after divorce, and assist them to assist themselves.   My oldest had graduated from college and was literally starving while trying to support himself at a minimum wage job, as he refused to ask me for help.  He had also suffered a series of head injuries after high school that had necessitated a divergence from his original career path, and was struggling with his self-worth as a consequence.  I thought this business would be an awesome opportunity to overcome these challenges, give my younger two the opportunity to learn how to work, budget, and  support themselves…as well as help me pay the bills!

Cleaning was a natural choice, as I have always been a “clean freak,” taught my oldest to be as well, and it was something we could do in the evenings after our day jobs and school.  However, I quickly discovered there was a much greater need for residential service than commercial, and we would need some help!

The name of my business was inspired by the book “Above the Line” by Urban Meyer, an elite college football coach who attributes his success to the belief that, if you approach everything in life “above the line” you will be successful in whatever you choose to do, even if you don’t reach your original goal.  By constantly challenging yourself to give 100% effort, by looking at mistakes as the learning opportunities they are and recognizing they are not failures, you are constantly learning, growing, and gaining internal strength.  As both a parent and a probation officer, this book was an eye opening inspiration to me, and I decided I wanted my business to be an opportunity for people to learn about these concepts, apply them to their work for me and then hopefully their lives and their children’s.  I also wanted to be able to help other women in similar situations as mine, wanting to be able to provide more for their families, and to provide a safe, dependable, service to our clients.

Unfortunately, we discovered the business was not a good fit for my oldest after all, and to the chagrin of our clients he left for greener pastures.  However, along the way we picked up some awesome team members, whom I currently call our “dream team” as I finally feel we have found the Above the Line Team I have been envisioning all of this time!

Through trial, error, and those two plus decades in law enforcement we have handpicked a team who is exceptionally committed to delivering a professional, consistent, detailed service, that you can absolutely trust in your valuable home or business.  Our goal is to take on your cleaning burden so that you can focus on your priorities, knowing that the staff servicing your property have been chosen based on their ethics and character.

Meet Our Team


Abbi is our head house keeper, she has been with us since the Summer of 2019 and is our absolute rock. Her favorite room to clean is a bathroom; she excels at quality checking and effectively setting new staff up for success as our primary trainer.  Abbi is a dedicated Mom who strives every day to make a better life for her family.  She constantly amazes me by the way she effectively juggles all of her obligations, assists me in any capacity needed, and still finds time to nurture and support her four children.


Rachel started with us in February of 2022.  She is an absolute sweetheart and a client favorite; her attention to detail is second to none!  Rachel’s favorite room is also the bathroom — be prepared to be amazed with sparkling fixtures 😉 In her down time, she enjoys hiking and watching TV, especially true crime! #crimejunkie


Christine joined ATL on March of 2022; I was flattered when she chose us as her first job after leaving the workforce a decade ago to raise her family.  Christine is a cleaning ninja — swift, quiet, precise. Each move is calculated, no second is wasted. “Did a contractor come in and reconstruct the bathroom?!” a client has asked. No, no contractor. Just Christine, and her ninja powers, quickly and quietly restoring your home to like new condition!   We are very blessed she chose us.  In her free time, Christine enjoys baking, gardening, and watching anime with her family.


Courtney was recruited to Above the Line by another cleaning tech, for which we will be eternally grateful.  She is as solid as they come-totally reliable, uber conscientious, detailed, and up for anything we need done.  She started as a cleaning technician on the residential team, but stepped up to fill a needed role as a commercial cleaner and is an employer’s dream!  Never have to worry about consistency, quality or reliability.  In her spare time she enjoys arts and crafts, home remodeling, and baking.


Taylor joined Above the Line in May of 2022 and between her sweet personality and exceptional cleaning skills quickly became another client favorite.  She loves deep cleaning kitchens, and really getting into all of the cracks and crannies! Taylor spends her free time watching scary movies with her boyfriend, and binge watching true crime. Taylor also enjoys baking and decorating her home.


Kassidy also joined Above the Line Cleaning in May of 2022, and instantly wow’d us with her can do attitude, positivity and enthusiasm.  She is legitimately a jack of all trades, up to fill any role needed, and has recently transitioned into a part time admin position…literally a lifesaver for me!   Her favorite rooms to clean are the living and dining rooms, especially in older homes. In her free time, she likes to explore new spots to go fishing with her dog, and tinker in the shop with her Pop.