You probably have the best intentions when it comes to keeping your home tidy and organized. But every day, piles of junk mail arrive in your mailbox, accumulating on your kitchen table and other surfaces. Even though you haven’t worn that tacky holiday sweater in 15 years, you are unable to give it away. You feel bad about donating that ugly vase that your aunt gave you five Christmases ago. Dust is accumulating on your surfaces because you can’t find the time to keep up the cleaning with your busy schedule. 

Before you know it, you have a cluttered, dirty home and you’re too overwhelmed to tackle it. Does this sound familiar? 

health benefits of a clean home

In addition to causing chaos, a cluttered, dirty home can have some surprisingly negative effects on your wellbeing. Likewise, there are many physical and psychological health benefits of a clean home.

Essentially, clutter is a collection of things – especially those that are of no use and unnecessary — lying around in an untidy mess. Dirty homes are unsanitary and may have mold, unwanted pests, or excessive dust. 

How important is keeping a clean house? Read on to learn more about the health benefits of a clean home.

1.     It’s easier to concentrate and accomplish things 

The more things that compete for your attention, the harder it is to focus on your most important tasks. In other words, when your environment is cluttered and chaotic, you are more distractible. Conversely, an uncluttered, organized environment allows you to process information more effectively, and therefore be more productive.

2.     Less wasted time 

What is one of the most common, natural consequences of a cluttered home? You can’t find anything! For example, you may spend an extra 10 minutes on one busy weekday morning searching for your keys that you ultimately find underneath a pile of junk mail. On another day, you might spend 20 minutes neatly placing objects you never plan to use again into bins in your garage. That’s 30 minutes of your time — not to mention your energy! — you’ll never get back. House cleaning benefits include having more free time and energy to undertake enjoyable activities. And that is always a win when it comes to your mental health!  

3.     Clean house, clean mind 

Research has shown that a disorganized, messy home can cause significant amounts of stress. One study found that women who said they had more clutter in their homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, compared to those who said they had fewer piles of stuff. One of the benefits of a clean house is that it brings order and control to your environment. This, in turn, reduces your stress, helping you feel more accomplished and in control of your environment.

4.     Fewer allergies and respiratory issues 

Mold, dust, pet dander, and other pollutants can trigger allergies in those who are most susceptible. Keeping your home clean and free of those allergens can help prevent respiratory illnesses and support a healthy immune system.  Regular dusting, linen washing, carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning help reduce those pollutants, creating a healthier home environment for you and your family. 

5.     Decrease illness-causing germs

Illness-causing germs can accumulate in high-touch areas in your home or on kitchen surfaces. Keeping these surfaces clean and sanitized can help minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses. 

6.     Prevent injuries and accidents 

Falls are more likely when floors are littered with extraneous objects. In addition, anything that blocks doors or halls is a fire hazard, hastens the spread of flames, and makes it more difficult to exit your home in the event of a blaze. One of the many advantages of having a tidy home is that it is safer for you and your family.

7.     Keep pests at bay 

Dirty dishes, sticky spills, and crumbs all attract pests, including rodents and roaches. When these unwanted guests appear in your home, they spread disease, bacteria, germs, and allergies. Keeping your home clean by storing food in airtight containers and removing your trash daily discourages these unwelcome visitors. 

Why is it important to have a clean house? Above the Line Cleaning Can Help! 

At Above the Line Cleaning, we understand the importance of having a clean, clutter-free house. But we also know that it can be difficult to find the time to do it all! That’s where our professional house cleaning services come in! Our skilled house cleaners are handpicked by owner Alison McKinney, a veteran of the law enforcement community. Our technicians are reliable, thorough, incredibly detail-oriented, and wholly committed to providing you with the high-quality house cleaning service you deserve.

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We serve the following areas: Walla Walla, College Place, Dixie, Waitsburg, Dayton, Lowden, Touchet, Milton-Freewater, Athena, Weston.

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