Having your office cleaned regularly is a basic necessity for any business these days. Employees and clients want to know that they are safe from illness when they enter your building. The real question is how effective is your cleaning service?

With a commercial cleaning company, you get more than just emptied trash cans and vacuumed floors. The benefits of commercial cleaning services are high-quality cleaning, regular disinfecting of your space, and the peace of mind that comes from not having to manage any of it.

Even when a space looks clean, that doesn’t mean it is actually clean. Dust, allergens, germs, bacteria, and dirt go unseen but can have a detrimental impact on any workspace. A commercial cleaning company takes care of all of the necessary cleaning, both seen and unseen, in your office. Here’s a great list of some of the benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business.

commercial cleaning services

1. Allows employees to be more productive

Employees need to feel safe in their work environment, particularly against allergens and illness. When you hire commercial cleaning services, their regular cleaning keeps everyone in a healthier environment. Employees are much less likely to get sick, and research shows that most people feel a lot more energized in a clean environment, leading to higher levels of productivity for your business.

2. Prevents the spread of sickness and keeps everyone healthy

One of the biggest labor issues over the last year and a half has been keeping employees healthy enough to work. One of the main benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services is keeping healthy employees away from germs that cause sickness and absenteeism. Germs easily spread through buildings in high-touch areas like doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails–even the copier machine. A commercial cleaning company makes sure to disinfect all of these areas to stop the spread of illness among your employees.

3. Creates a professional first impression for your business

Many business owners underestimate the power of their office’s first impression of their business. Many times, the product may be great–the food is delicious, the employees are top-notch, or the service is exceptional–but that first impression of your space might be more memorable than the rest of the experience. You want to make sure that your first impression is clean, welcoming, and feels safe the minute a client walks through your doors.

4. Saves on Cost in the Long Term

Having healthy employees who don’t take as many sick days is an obvious way that having a clean office will save you money. But there are also employee injuries that can prevent employees from consistent work. If a glass shatters into pieces, or there is a spill on a slick floor, or a piece of furniture is unsecured, a commercial cleaning company will consistently check for these safety issues in order to help management take preventative measures to keep employees safe. According to the CDC, employers lose $225.8 billion annually from worker illness and injury. Hiring commercial cleaning services can end up creating long-term cost savings simply by supporting your business in preventative caretaking.

5. Experience a higher quality cleaning  

Most commercial cleaners are highly trained in cleaning techniques that both save time and are highly effective at creating a germ-free environment for your business. Commercial cleaners have specific techniques, experience, and training, and are specialized in their area of work. As the saying goes, when you “let the professionals handle this,” you will understand what it means to experience peace of mind from a higher quality cleaning.

6. Receive a wider selection of custom services

One of the greatest benefits of hiring commercial cleaners is that they work with you to figure out your specific needs and offer a wide selection of cleaning services specific to your business. If you have special requests, they can work out a plan with you to accommodate whatever your cleaning needs may be. Because they are a commercial cleaning service, they are trained in multiple types of disinfecting, deep-cleaning, furniture cleaning, and restocking of supplies. Instead of managing multiple different types of cleaning services, commercial cleaners can service all of your cleaning needs in one place.

Enjoy Peace of Mind When You Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

One of the greatest benefits to any business owner is peace of mind, and hiring commercial cleaning services is one way to take some responsibility off your plate. At Above the Line Cleaning, we base our work on the simple principle of making everyday life easier. We provide a detailed commercial cleaning service that lets you focus on the things you care about, and with our customizable cleaning options, you can always decide which options work best for your business. We provide commercial cleaning services to Walla Walla, College Place, Dixie, Waitsburg, Dayton, Milton-Freewater, Athena, Weston, Touchet, Lowden, and other surrounding areas.

When we started our cleaning business, we sought to build a janitorial services company that maintains the utmost professionalism, has impeccable attention to detail, and provides customized cleaning plans for every client we serve. 

It’s time to let someone else take the cleaning burden away from you once and for all. Our client reviews speak for us, so get in touch with us today to receive a free estimate–we can’t wait to serve you!


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